Sizing Guide

You can refer to the size according to your own size in the Sizing Guide.


Tank Top Size Chart

Size Shoulder Bust Length


cm inch cm inch cm inch
S 25.2cm 9.92ʺ 85cm 33.46ʺ 67cm 26.38ʺ
M 26cm 10.24ʺ 90cm 35.43ʺ 68cm 26.77ʺ
L 26.8cm 10.55ʺ 95cm 37.40ʺ 69cm 27.17ʺ
XL 27.6cm 10.87ʺ 100cm 39.37ʺ 70cm 27.56ʺ
2XL 28.4cm 11.18ʺ 105cm 41.34ʺ 71cm 27.95ʺ
3XL 29.2cm 11.50ʺ 110cm 43.31ʺ 72cm 28.35ʺ
4XL 30cm 11.81ʺ 115cm 45.28ʺ 73cm 28.74ʺ
5XL 30.8cm 12.13ʺ 120cm 47.24ʺ 74cm 29.13ʺ


Long Sleeve Size Chart

Size Shoulder Bust Sleeve length Length
Unit cm inch cm inch cm inch cm inch
S 40.5cm 15.94ʺ 91cm 35.83ʺ 61.25cm 24.11ʺ 69cm 27.17ʺ
M 42cm 16.54ʺ 96cm 37.80ʺ 62cm 24.41ʺ 70cm 27.56ʺ
L 43.5cm 17.13ʺ 101cm 39.76ʺ 62.75cm 24.70ʺ 71cm 27.95ʺ
XL 45cm 17.72ʺ 106cm 41.73ʺ 63.5cm 25.00ʺ 72cm 28.35ʺ
2XL 46.5cm 18.31ʺ 111cm 43.70ʺ 64.25cm 25.30ʺ 73cm 28.74ʺ
3XL 48cm 18.90ʺ 116cm 45.67ʺ 65cm 25.59ʺ 74cm 29.13ʺ
4XL 49.5cm 19.49ʺ 121cm 47.64ʺ 65.75cm 25.89ʺ 75cm 29.53ʺ
5XL 51cm 20.08ʺ 126cm 49.61ʺ 66.5cm 26.18ʺ 76cm 29.92ʺ


Underwear&Bodysuit Size Chart

Size Waist Hips Chest
S 71-77cm/28-30" 91cm/36" 87-90cm/34-36"
M 78-84cm/31-33" 96cm/38" 91-98cm/36-38"
L 85-92cm/34-36" 104cm/41" 99-106cm/39-41"
XL 93-100cm/37-39" 111cm/44" 107-112cm/42-44"
2XL 101-108cm/40-42" 119cm/47" 113-120cm/45-47"


 Bottoms Size Chart

Size Waist (cm) Waist (inches)
M 71 - 76 28 - 30
L 76 - 81 30 - 32
XL 81 - 86 32 - 34
2XL 86 - 91 34 - 36
3XL 91 - 97  36 - 38


*The above is for reference only, the actual size is subject to the display on the product page.*